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There are many benefits to vaping instead of smoking cigarettes. One of the primary benefits is that the vapor has far less carbon monoxide than cigarettes do.


Vaporizers and e-cigarettes do not generate smoke, either. They expell vapor that doesn’t dirty the atmosphere, your lungs, or anything in your home the same way that tobacco cigarettes do.

Vaping is healthier than combusting (smoking cigarettes)!

Vaping is a more relaxing process for most users.

When a tobacco cigarette is burned, it causes the nicotine and other chemicals, to burn.  Vaporizing or vaping does not allow the e-liquid or material to get up to such a high temperature. It doesn’t  “burn,” it is atomized, allowing the flavor and vapor to be released.

  • Vapors are less irritating

  • Vapors don’t leave your clothes smelling smoky

  • Vapors don’t leave stains on your hands

  • Vapers report a “cleaner” high as opposed to smoking cigarettes

  • Vaping less harmful to your body

  • Vaping is less harmful to the environment

  • Vaping is less harmful to the ones around you

Overall, vaping can be a pleasurable experience and a reasonable and enjoyable alternative to smoking cigarettes. Come see us and give it a try!

Benefits of Vaping, instead of smoking: